Our Approach


​We offer personalized Computer Assistance to resolve any existing computer-related issues you may have.  We also provide you with the tools to confidently navigate your computer, and home technical system going forward. We are always here to help you with whatever you need so that working with your computer, printer, or home wifi system is NOT stressful.

By visiting your home or area of business and assessing your current home or business computer situation, we can advise you on how best to optimize your system going forward. 


What We Do

 We take the STRESS out of working with your Computer by:

  • ​Identifying Home and Business Computer Optimization Strategies
  • Enabling Syncing Among All Computers and Devices
  • Setting up Family Sharing
    • Know where your kids are
    • Monitor their purchases
  • Making sure your Data is backed up and safe
  • Troubleshooting & Resolving Issues

****  We also work remotely with our clients  ****

Serving the Lower Westchester, NY area

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